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Hyundai i20 N Rally1: Unleash the WRC Beast

Prepare to be awestruck by the Hyundai i20 N Rally1, the ultimate weapon that has dominated the World Rally Championship. This engineering masterpiece embodies the pinnacle of WRC performance and innovation.

Lightning-Fast Aerodynamics

The i20 N Rally1 slices through the air with precision, thanks to its meticulously crafted aerodynamic design. The optimized rear wing and front splitter generate immense downforce, ensuring stability even at blistering speeds.

Unleashing Power

Beneath its sleek exterior lurks a high-revving 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, unleashing raw power and torque. Every gear shift is a jolt of adrenaline, propelling you forward with breathtaking acceleration.

Unrivaled All-Wheel Drive

Conquer any terrain with the i20 N Rally1's intelligent all-wheel drive system. It seamlessly distributes power to each wheel, optimizing grip and traction on every corner, straightaway, and jump.

Technical Prowess

  • Engine Displacement: 1,618 cc
  • Horsepower: 380 bhp
  • Torque: 420 Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed sequential
  • Suspension: MacPherson struts (front), multi-link (rear)
  • Dimensions: 4,050 mm (length), 1,875 mm (width), 1,250 mm (height)

WRC Dominance

The i20 N Rally1 has etched its name into WRC history, securing multiple championship wins and driver standings. Its podium finishes and stage victories are a testament to its unparalleled performance and the skill of its drivers.

A Legacy of Inspiration

The i20 N Rally1 stands as a beacon of Hyundai's motorsports prowess. Its success has ignited passion and inspiration in enthusiasts worldwide, inspiring future generations of drivers and engineers.

Indulge in the thrill of WRC racing by capturing the essence of the Hyundai i20 N Rally1 with our ready-to-hang wooden framed posters. Crafted from sturdy pine and featuring shatterproof plexiglass, these posters are built to last. The high-quality paper ensures vibrant colors and sharp details, preserving the i20 N Rally1's every inch.

Don't miss out on owning a piece of WRC history. Order your Hyundai i20 N Rally1 framed poster today and experience the exhilaration of this iconic racing machine.

Content Outline

  • Hyundai i20 N Rally1: Unleashing the WRC Beast
  • Lightning-Fast Aerodynamics
  • Unleashing Power
  • Unrivaled All-Wheel Drive
  • Technical Prowess
  • WRC Dominance
  • A Legacy of Inspiration


Q: What makes the Hyundai i20 N Rally1 so dominant in WRC?

A: Its combination of lightning-fast aerodynamics, a high-revving engine, and an intelligent all-wheel drive system gives it unparalleled performance and grip.

Q: How much horsepower does the i20 N Rally1 have?

A: It generates an impressive 380 bhp.

Q: What is the engine displacement of the i20 N Rally1?

A: 1,618 cc.

Q: What is the transmission type of the i20 N Rally1?

A: It features a 6-speed sequential transmission.

Q: What are the dimensions of the i20 N Rally1?

A: It measures 4,050 mm in length, 1,875 mm in width, and 1,250 mm in height.

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